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Golden Rules for Trading

  Divide your Risk Investment in 10 Equal Parts.

  Trade Only in Active and High Volume Stocks/Futures

  Come Prepared with a Trading Strategy

  Never Over Trade

  Trade in 1 to 3 Stocks at a time with Strict Stop Loss

  Sell Short as often as you go Long( Buy)

  Don’t Trade If you are not Clear

  Don’t Expect Profit on Every Trade

  Depends Up on the Market Condition takes a right decision with Minimum Profit or Minimum Loss. It will be very helpful to safe your Investment Amount.

  Withdraw Section (Portion) of your Profits Frequently.

Do’s and Don’ts in Stock Market Trade

What you must Do

  Get rid of the Junk


  Believe in Yourself doing Trade

What You Must Not Do

  Don’t Panic ( Dread)

  Don’t Involve Huge Money in Trading

  Don’t Chase Performance

  Don’t pursue the Stock’s Value

Mistakes To Avoid in Stock Market Trading

  Failure to Scratch Losses.

  Not Knowing that “How much” to Trade on Each Position.

  Average Down in Price

  Listening to Rumors

  Lack Of Patience

  Not Knowing When to SELL

  Buying 52-weeks Low

  Pure Fundamentalist

  Making Trading Decisions Based on Taxes

  Buying Based on Dividends

  Buying Familiar Names of Stocks

  Lack of Action

  Lack of Consistency

Always Trade with Stop Loss

Traders must Follow the Trading Rules First, Because Rules Breaks Emotions